Love Knows No Boundaries: Couple with Down syndrome share touching moment

CINNAMINSON, N.J. -- Try not to cry watching this beautiful love story because it will give you all the feels. Danny and Ashley were both born with Down syndrome, but they share the most pure, unabashed, and blissful examples of true love that we have seen in a long time.

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For Ashley's 21st birthday and graduation, her family and close friends held a luncheon to celebrate her and her accomplishments. Danny, of course, was there. Ashley's sister, Courtney Greenhalgh recorded the entire part of the luncheon including the moment when Ashley started to open her gifts. Courtney posted the video on Facebook.

"Danny and my sister have been dating for two years and couldn't be more perfect for each other," wrote Greenhalgh. "Danny wanted to go out of his way to let my sister know that he will always be there for her and that he only has eyes for her."

Danny then surprises Ashley with a diamond promise ring.

"Danny saved up his own money from his job to get my sister a beautiful, diamond promise ring," wrote Greenhalgh.

In the video, Danny even gets down on one knee to proclaim his love to Ashley. You can feel Ashley's happiness and the love they share while watching the video

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"The presentation of the ring takes this thoughtful gift to a whole new level," wrote Greenhalgh. "Not only do they both share an unconditional love for one another, they show a genuine appreciation for life on a daily basis."

A type of love and appreciation we need to see every now and again.

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