Dad makes epic Rey/Elsa costume mashup for daughter

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Image source: Steven Lamb

There are two strong forces in the Disney realm - the actual Jedi force and the force of nature that is Frozen. When Steven Lamb realized his 5-year-old daughter, Stormie, was so in love with leading ladies Rey and Elsa, he made her Halloween dreams come true with a costume that incorporated both.

Image source: Steven Lamb

I asked the proud dad about his inspiration. "Stormie was very Disney Princess-centric at the time, and she loved Elsa so much that she wasn't enjoying other things as much as she should," says Lamb. Well, we've all certainly been there - she's a tough act to follow.
He continues,

"I didn't want that for her, I want her to be open and be able to enjoy many things. Just offering things that weren't Frozen or Elsa wasn't really working. I had to think of a way to incorporate other things in a way she would be receptive to. The mash up seemed like a clear choice."

Image source: Steven Lamb

While Lamb didn't get to experience Stormie's initial reaction to seeing Frozen, he was lucky enough to take her to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens last December.

Lamb recalls,

"I dressed her up in a Yoda hoodie and we snuck her toy lightsaber into the theater with us ... She was mesmerized. Her eyes were glued to the screen whenever Rey was being [shown,] and she even began to shush people who talked during those scenes!"

Image source: Steven Lamb

As for the actual creation of the costume, which Lamb noted in his original post on imgur, he had the robe, shirt, and pants made at a local dressmaker's shop. For the staff, he drilled holes through a plastic replica and added a metal dowel rod and socks for padding. He had some extra help from a friend who added the finishing touches. The final result is mesmerizing!

The daddy-daughter duo celebrated Halloween early this year at a local zoo event, with an amazing Rey/Elsa hairstyle to boot.

Image source: Steven Lamb

The best part about this whole experience? "For me, it was seeing my daughter get excited and start being open to enjoying different things and getting to bond over them," says Lamb. It's so touching how these two movies brought them even closer.

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