New Yorkers seeking 'blizzard buddies' in online personal ads


Hunkering down for the Blizzard of 2015 takes grit, provisions and a little love, if you ask some New Yorkers.

In the face of bitter cold, plenty of "blizzard buddies" ads appeared online on websites like Craigslist, CNN reports. You may just want to trust us on this one. Some of the listings are not safe for work.

In the sea of "blizzard buddies" postings, some proved timid. A 26-year-old New Jersey man wrote, "Seeking snuggle buddy for upcoming blizzard. Will make u pancakes and coffee and hot chocolate all day. You'll also get my Netflix password. I have lots of thick blankets and interesting books to read if we get snowed in."

Other posts could make even the crudest individuals blush for quite a while. Take the New Yorker who snapped a photo of himself shirtless, bulging his biceps, before uploading his wants and desires. He got to the point rather quickly, saying "What's up ladies, Snowing outside. I can make it snow inside too."

We're not so sure what that means.

With the storm expected to blanket the region in snow, many voiced their fears of being alone with no one to cuddle closely. Others seemed more intent on sex than anything innocent.

Take for instance a New Yorker by the name of Alex. He painted a dire situation, writing "As we all know Snow Sandy is coming our way, and there is nothing worse than being trapped along (sic) in your apartment with nothing to do. As such why not ride out the blizzard with me?" Ride in this case may not mean a trip on the subway. Alex made sure to mention, "I'm tall and athletic 6'2" 185, and generally considered to be good looking, smart, and funny." The post then goes on to describe his other attributes.

Apparently, many would-be cuddlers leave others to read between the lines.

Now let's be fair. Some made the pitch with a little flair. I mean after all, you got to deliver on all the hype. For instance, another 26-year old appealed for a female companion by offering "endless movies, cookies, whiskey and red wine, occasional work on a strictly as-needed basis, potential igloo-making in a private garden and making out." The igloo-making promise may just make anyone throw caution to the wind. Are you in?

While most of the postings were from men seeking women, or men seeking men, a few were from women looking for a "snow friend." A 47-year-old woman wrote, "Looking for someone interesting to platonically chat with during the snow and see where it goes." Isn't that kind of a big gamble if you get snowed in?

The reaction on social media proved swift and to the point. One Twitter user wrote, "BRB, registering the name of my new slasher movie screenplay, BLIZZARD BUDDIES," suggesting spending the Blizzard of 2015 with a random, newfound buddy may just be a horrific idea.

We suppose cabin fever can cloud anyone's judgment. After all, the cold nights can get lonely, reason enough to cuddle up, snuggle close, or dream of warmer places.
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