Dozens get married in San Francisco on Valentine's Day

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Many people looking to get married on Valentine's Day headed to San Francisco's City Hall Tuesday.

Over 40 couples got married before noon.

Marriage Commissioner John Pleskach showed off his enthusiasm by wearing a new, red suit for Valentine's Day. "It's nice and bright red. It has passion and love, I thought I'd give them a little something special for Valentine's Day," Pleskach said.

The computer programmer is volunteering as a marriage commissioner. He will be at City Hall for most of the day trying to make it extra special for brides and grooms. "It's nice to be around people who are so happy," Pleskach said.

Some of the couples headed to City Hall for practical reasons rather than sentimentality. "It's a special day, easy to remember for the anniversary," one man said.

The enthusiasm from San Francisco's City Hall was contagious. The clerk set up a photo booth for couples, gave them roses and decorated the license counter, making sure couple's felt like this wasn't an ordinary day.

"I love who married us, the officiant and the building is beautiful," Nathania Isnandar said.

It has been a busy morning at City Hall, and will be all day as they have 85 ceremonies booked.
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