Fisherman rescues ailing bald eagle from water

A fisherman in Canada knew something was wrong when he spotted an ailing baby bald eagle swimming towards him.

The eagle looked exhausted and was clearly in poor health.

The fisherman scooped him out of the water with a net and let the bird rest on his boat, hoping he'd be able to fly away when his water-logged wings dried out.

That never happened so the fisherman called a volunteer, who flew it to a local owl rescue.

"They end up fishing and grab onto a fish that's just too large and instinctively they won't let go. That's their food and sometimes the fish can drag them under," Owl Rescue Center's Mindy Dick said.

The eagle is going through months of rehabilitation and has been placed on antibiotics. If they work and he recovers, he will be returned back into the wild where he was found.
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