Fremont woman's 'Meet a Muslim' campaign going strong after 60 meetings

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- A Fremont resident who has taken it upon herself to bridge the gap between fear and acceptance of Muslim Americans has been honored by the state of California.

Moina Shaiq founded the "Meet a Muslim" Facebook page, something she says was an act of necessity in a time of travel bans and general misunderstandings.

Shaiq has had over 60 meetings in the past year to help erase the hate, distrust and fear. "This is all very sad," she said.

In real life, Shaiq lives in suburban Fremont on a street just like any other. Her home is a 100-year-old farmhouse. She came to America 38 years ago from Pakistan. She's a wife, mother, former computer salesperson, and is tired of fighting stereotypes of Muslims as terrorists.

"I know this is not my faith. Things are being done in the name of my faith, but it is just like the KKK. ISIS is like the KKK," Shaiq said. "People will be ashamed of this period, just like we look at internment."

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