Gilroy mom goes viral for burrito folding tutorial

GILROY, Calif. (KGO) -- Silivia Dominguez's "how-to" video is a hit. The Gilroy mom recorded herself folding a burrito, and sent the video to her daughter in college.

College freshman, April Olvera, needed a little guidance from mom.

"I made all the fillings and stuff, but I realized I didn't really know how to fold it," Olvera told ABC7 News. "So I sent her a picture."

The picture shows Olvera's half-folded burrito, with the inside spilling out.

"I got a lump in my throat after seeing the burrito didn't turn out," Dominguez said in Spanish. "So, I said to myself, 'I'm going to make a video.'"

Dominguez sent the 41-second video to her daughter, without a second thought.

Olvera explained she showed the video to a few friends, who then convinced her to upload the tutorial to Twitter.

It didn't take much more for the Internet to take over.

"I was actually at the library studying at that moment," Olvera explained. "So my phone was just going off and off and off, and the notifications weren't stopping."

The recorded help from her mom hit the heartstrings of hundreds of thousands. More than 10,000 people wrote a reply to Olvera's tweet.

"I have seen a lot of comments from people, saying they wish they had that kind of relationship with their mom," Olvera pointed out. "I know it must be hard."

Dominguez and Olvera both explained they have a very healthy relationship and are extremely close. A relationship, tighter than Dominguez's burrito fold. Both said many people mistake the pair as sisters, rather than mother and daughter.

Both shared the same excitement and disbelief when the video went viral.

Dominguez told ABC7 News, "April said, 'Mom, I can't believe that it went so far.' And I said, 'Maybe it's not the burrito.'"

Dominguez believes it's less about food, and more about family. She says the added Internet fame is just an added bonus.
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