Traffic comes to halt as Good Samaritans scramble to save man dangling from overpass

HOUSTON, Texas -- Traffic on 45 north came to an abrupt halt late this morning, as drama unfolded on the freeway overpass. A man was seen dangling from the concrete railing, while onlookers gathered feet below- holding out their arms to catch the man if he let go.

It is unknown if the man was attempting to harm himself, or somehow leaned over the railing, with freeway traffic behind him.

A 19-year-old spectator on the feeder road below recorded the whole incident, which he said, lasted four minutes. There was said to be a police presence in the area at the time, while police controlled traffic to allow emergency vehicles to get to the area.

In the end, the rescuers on the ground weren't needed. In the video, a man could be seen grabbing the victim's arms and pulling him to safety.

Witnesses didn't know if the man was driven away by that person or taken for medical evaluation.

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