Grandma smitten when cops bring her hurricane supplies: 'Oh gosh, you're good looking'

CLEARWATER, Florida -- Flordia resident Betty Helmuth got the surprise of a lifetime when several "good looking" cops showed up at her door to bring her supplies for Hurricane Irma.

Before Irma ravished Florida, Rachel Copeland was worried about her 94-year-old grandmother who lives in Clearwater.

Copeland said her grandmother doesn't drive and she was worried if she was prepared for the storm. So, she called the Clearwater Police Department and asked for their help.

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Officers quickly gather supplies and showed up at Helmuth's door with water, food, flashlights, and other storm necessities.

When she opened the door, she was shocked, but it's hard to say who was more surprised...

As one of the officers explained to Helmuth why there were there, she grabbed her chest, squealed, and said, "Oh gosh, you're good looking!"

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The officers laughed and granny quickly welcomed the men into her home, still in disbelief.

She said she was excited and tickled to see the boys in blue, but joked that she was concerned her neighbors might think they were there to arrest her.

Before officers left, she gave each one a kiss on the cheek and thanked them while saying, "I love you," and "You're all so handsome!"

The department posted the sweet interaction to their Facebook page and it's gone viral.

Police report Helmuth made it through the storm safely but did suffer some water damage to her carpet.

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