Growing trend among Silicon Valley workers doesn't involve tech

CAMPBELL, Calif. (KGO) -- Belief in the supernatural is far from a new concept, but the hope of cosmic fortune is growing in popularity across Silicon Valley.

Perhaps you've noticed a new collection of crystals or Tarot cards on your friend's coffee table. Both could be part of this most peculiar trend.

Tech workers told ABC7 News, they've sat down with seers at major company-wide conferences. Seer is a term for people who are supposed to be able to see what the future holds.

While many say it's more for fun, than it is for fate, owners of unique shops across the South Bay say they've noticed more tech professionals in their stores.

Customers won't find the latest tech gadgets at Enchantations in Campbell. Co-owner Sabrina Hodges described the shop as an outlet for the metaphysical, in a technical world.

"People that find that balance between the two, they tend to be a little bit happier," Hodges said, "They tend to move through their life a little easier."

"When I talk to them, I don't see a hole, a spot, a problem, a need, but they do," Hodges said about visiting tech workers. "They don't feel safe in the world. So, they're looking for a little more magic."

Healing crystals, Tarot cards, pendulums and more are all part of the growing trend.

Beyond owning physical objects, one tech worker who asked not to be identified told ABC7 News she and colleagues often read their horoscopes, then recognize applicable moments throughout the day.

"It's interesting when you match a moment to whatever your horoscope said, but I don't know that there's a supernatural 'power' that orchestrated the moment," she said. "Same with Tarot card readings. It's fun to think about, but I wouldn't sit around waiting for the moment to manifest."

San Jose resident Katanya Nunn told ABC7 News she understands why many turn to these alternative energies.

"I think they've exhausted all options," Nunn said.

She picked up the practice after losing a family member a few years ago. Nunn said she found a new sense of spirituality in the supernatural.

However, she warns that simply going out and purchasing a pile of healing crystals isn't going to solve any one crisis.

"It doesn't happen overnight where this stuff just works for you," she said. "If that's what you're wanting it for, you're going to be disappointed."

Tech workers say in their industry, curiosity is always trending.
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