Mt. Diablo student wants President Trump to hire him to build the wall, but there's a catch

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- In his woodshop class at Mount Diablo High School, Junior Jesse Salazar is building an Eco-brick. He hopes the White House notices.

"I have to mix it with the crowbar. You have to make sure that all the plastic pieces mix with the concrete," said Jesse Salazar.

Salazar's first idea was to build a bench with his eco-bricks, an idea inspired by his environmental teacher.

"We would clean up all of the garbage in the United States and have all students stick it into a bottle and we can send these bricks down to the border," said Mt. Diablo teacher Cindy Gershen.

The new idea is to build an Eco-wall, an idea inspired by President Donald Trump.

"Those who are willing to work and keep the nation going, of course, they deserve a change. But, when it comes to people bringing say the crime from over there to here I feel like that is what shouldn't be brought into this country," said Salazar.

A son of Mexican immigrants, Salazar remembers growing up with the fear of his mom getting deported. He wants his Eco-wall idea to be about unity and not separating families.

Congress has approved $1.7 billion dollars in funding for 124 miles. Salazar says he can charge less but it'll be with a twist.

"I envision it to be the length of this table so people can go around it or even through it. Also, there's going to be a small door," said Salazar.

The High School Junior is planning to finish a prototype of his take on the wall this summer and send a photo to the president.
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