How Miss California got fit ahead of Miss America Competition

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- You may have seen Savvy Shields crowned Miss America. We congratulate her, but we have to admit we were rooting for Miss California who is a Bay Area native. Before the competition she talked with ABC7 News about getting in shape for a pageant.

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Miss California Jessa Carmack grew up in Santa Clara. She's a trained gymnist and Fitness Fantatic, but even she says the swim suit portion of the competition gives her butterflies. "It's always nerve racking because it's very unusual to be walking in heels in a swimsuit, with your hair nice and done with a bunch of make up on a stage with lights and an audience watching you. It's very unusual, but it's one of my favorite phases of competition because I can show the judges and the audience how much I care about health and fitness," Carmack said.

Carmack was a San Francisco 49ers cheerleader for four years and she trained hard to do the dance and gymnastics routines that have made her a pageant winner. "I wake up at 5 a.m. every morning to go to the gym before I start my day. It gives me energy," Carmack said.

Carmack's Miss California platform is building a healthy future. "I don't diet and I don't exercise just for this competition, but I do it in my everyday life because I care about my health," she said.

Carmack is already spreading that message at schools and children's programs. "If you instill this healthy lifestyle in the youth at a young age, then they will carry it on into their future, and that's exactly what's happened in my life," she said.

Fancy formalwear may be fun, but physical fitness can shape your future whether or not you're a beauty queen.

Written and produced by Jennifer Olney.
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