Intense '17th Door' haunted house that requires waiver returns to Tustin

TUSTIN, Calif. -- Get ready to scream! "The 17th Door" haunted house returns to the Market Place at Tustin for its sophomore year.

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"With all of the newness and the changes, that makes it exciting because we're putting something very new out," said Heather Luther, the co-founder of the experience.

Husband and wife duo Robby and Heather Luther have come up with new ways to scare people after a wildly successful debut. More than 20,000 people walked through the 17 terrifying rooms last year.

"Yes! The expectation is there that you're going to put out something a little better, that's what we're shooting for," said Luther.

This year, there are 21 rooms, each with a painstaking amount of detail.

The Luthers began preparations more than six months ago. They promise a more intense, immersive experience and during this sneak peek, guests agreed.

"So much better than what it was before, it's bigger, it's scarier," said one guest.

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You can credit much of the "scarier" part to a huge cast of unique and horrifying actors who have just one goal - make you scream.

"I like to goof around and play jokes," said Carlos Curiel, one of the actors. "I just like to have fun, here it gives me a chance to just be a big kid all over again."

In addition to more rooms and bigger scares, there's now a mini-escape room at the 17th Door. Guests have to figure out how to get out.

"Those who do escape will be rewarded," said Luther.

The same rules apply as last year: the light turns green, you walk in the room and spend about a minute in each. The doors will lock behind you.

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Scream "mercy" if you need a break or it gets to be too much. The suggested minimum age is 16 for some dark and mature themes.

And of course, you must sign a waiver because it will get intense and the monsters will touch you.

"There's things that you might get shocked, you might get wet, things might fall on you," said Luther.

The 17th Door opens Friday. Tickets range from $22-$35. It will run until Halloween.

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