'Latin rock' house celebrates rich musical history in San Francisco's Mission District

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Another San Francisco house is about to become legendary. Its owner wants to pay tribute to Latin rock stars like Carlos Santana and the band Malo by transforming the house into a huge mural.

When it comes to latin rock, no one knows more about its origins than Richard Segovia. "Latin Rock was made here in the Mission District by Carlos Santana and Malo," he said. "Just like if you think about Motown and you think Detroit right? Same thing about Latin Rock here, it was created in the Mission District."

A former band member himself, Segovia wanted to create a shrine of sorts honoring those musicians. The idea for a mural was born.

"I've got about 87 people on the mural already and we still need to get more," Segovia told ABC7 News.

He pointed out his own band, Bandido and said they've been touring since 1979. Segovia said Abel and the Prophets were one of the biggest bands that came out in the 60s, and they'll be on the mural too.

Female salsa singers like Maria Medina and the late "Congera" Linda Black are featured as well.

Ismael Verosa is one of the founding members of Malibus, who went on to become the band, Malo. "This is a great representation of what the Mission District stood for," he said looking at the art. "It was a melting pot of musicians."

The mural is being funded in part by a state grant obtained by the non-profit Precita Eyes, which supports local artists. Four of them are currently working on it. They're still debating on where to put Carlos Santana.

"I'm just really happy to paint and especially paint in public and be part of the history of the neighborhood," said artist Margie White. "I grew up here and I would have never guessed."

The house has been in the family since 1963. They paid $28,000 for it. At the very top are its owner and his family as if they were watching over the home.

Segovia says he's "beautiful with" the fact that his home will be one that tourists come to see.

The word of the Latin rock house is already spreading.

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