Man secretly swaps outs time capsule for surprise proposal

Five years after Troy Reddington and his girlfriend Jennifer buried a time capsule together, they returned to dig it up. Or so she thought, until she saw the ring.

Jennifer and Troy decided to bury the time capsule about eight months after they started dating. To bury it, they paddled out to an island in the middle of Eagle Lake in Ontario, Canada. The couple preserved memories in the capsule including cell phones, favorite songs and dream jobs.

When Troy decided it was time to propose, he thought of the perfect plan incorporating the time capsule. He snuck out in the middle of the night, retraced their steps and dug up the time capsule. He replaced it with a clean, empty jar of peanut butter, inside of which was a letter that read "Will you marry me?"

To get Jennifer to return to the spot and find the ring, he made plans with her to go retrieve the time capsule together. He even asked Jennifer, who has a background in film, to document their adventure, meaning she would unknowingly be filming her own proposal.

On June 14, the pair returned to the spot and dug up the jar. Troy continued the ruse.

"Did someone replace it?" he asked, feigning confusion.

He finally got Jennifer to open the jar and read the letter. As she did, he grabbed the ring and got on one knee. She said yes.
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