Men paddle down river in 800-lb. pumpkins

CEDARBURG, WI -- Here comes the Great Pumpkin! And another! And another!

If you were at Cedarburg's Boy Scout Park on Sunday, you couldn't miss the grown men navigating the river inside 800-pound pumpkins.

Hard to believe someone could make these giant gourds sea-worthy, but they did, fashioning boats by carving out their massive insides.

Dave Slagle came from New York to visit family and was put to work on turning his pumpkin into a floating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed pumpkin boat.

Along with challenger Steve Sievers, who turned another overweight pumpkin into a sleek kayak, Dave hoped to come in fourth, "maybe third" in the great pumpkin race.

The Giant Pumpkin Regatta is sponsored by local restaurants on the Milwaukee River each year, and raises money for charity.

Racers must go out to bouy and back, and it's apparently a hit with the locals.

In case you are wondering, Dave came in fifth. null
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