Oakland Zoo taking in momma bear, her 3 cubs

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A female black bear and her three cubs are at the Oakland Zoo after the bears broke into a home in Pine Mountain Club in Kern County in May.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife decided to place the bears in captivity instead of euthanizing the sow and attempting to rehabilitate the cubs after a series of break-ins were blamed on them.

"Tuesday's transfer of a sow, predestined for euthanasia, with her three cubs was highly unusual. No opportunity for transfer of a known public safety animal has previously existed. This situation is unique and does not set precedent for future outcomes for other habituated bears, public safety animals or nuisance wildlife. Additionally, captivity is far from an ideal outcome for a wild bear," the CDFW said in its release.

The Oakland Zoo requested to take the cubs and their mother in for their 56-acre California Trail expansion, highlighting California's natural habitat as part of its initiative to emphasize native species, and educate the public about human-wildlife issues.

"Oakland Zoo is very grateful to be in a position to provide a home for these bears," Oakland Zoo CEO and President Dr. Joel Parrott said.

The exhibit is expected to open in the summer of 2018.
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