New York man aims to change world with kindness, 1 $100 bill at a time

TROY, NY (KGO) -- A man in upstate New York is on a mission to get people to be nicer to each other and he's doing it with money.

Jeff Buell of Troy plans to spend the next year handing out $50,000 in $100 bills.

There's only one catch -- the recipient has to promise to be kind to people.

Buell calls his project, Do the Next Good Thing.

it was inspired by his sister who passed away last year.

"When you end up being affected by tragedy, and feel it first hand, it kicks you into another gear. I'm a really big proponent of saying that you get what you give in this world. Just be a decent human being," Buell said.

He is keeping track of his cash distributions on his website -- Two Buttons Deep.

Click here to learn more about Buell's project.
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