No decision made about Berkeley topless proposal during city council meeting

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- There is a new twist in the push to let women go topless in Berkeley. One woman went way beyond topless to show her anger at the Berkeley City Council meeting Tuesday.

The woman took off all her clothes and presented herself to the council- even climbing up on their desks.

It all happened during a meeting where the city council was discussing whether to lift the law that says women must cover their chests.

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"Just because you want to go topless doesn't mean you should. But at the same time - guys - can walk around shirtless," said Melissa Bunac, a Berkeley resident.

The council did not take action.

So what comes next? One city leader suggested passing an ordinance requiring men to wear shirts. Another idea is to have the "commission for the status of women" review the issue before the council discusses it further.
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