Owner of controversial 'Flintstone House' files cross complaint against town of Hillsborough

HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (KGO) -- Flintstone House owner Florence Fang has filed a Cross Complaint for Damages and Declaratory Relief against the Town of Hillsborough. Her lawyers cite violation of the Fair Housing Act, Racial Discrimination and relief against unconstitutional municipal ordinances.

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At issue is her right to the full enjoyment of the Flintstone House on Barryessa Way. Also named in the cross complaint were Building Official Tim Anderson Director of Building and Planning Elizabeth Cullinan.

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"When this began, I thought the Flintstone House was what I needed for my energy-but I have learned that it gives energy to a world that needs joy," Fang said.

"The town of Hillsborough has treated Mrs. Fang despicably and she is fighting back against violations of her constitutional right to the free pursuit of happiness at her private property, the 'Flintstone House,' and she is fighting attempts by the Town to demolish it," said her attorney, Angela Alioto.

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The owner of the controversial "Flintstone House' in Hillsborough is countersuing the town.

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