Pittsburg woman dies in Japan while serving in Navy

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- An East Bay family is grieving after a young woman died while serving in the Navy.

Danyelle Luckey of Pittsburg was aboard the USS Ronald Reagan near Japan earlier this month when she became ill. The 23-year-old died a few days later. The military told her family it was cardiac arrest.

"She was my baby. I don't understand. And it hurts so bad. I just don't know what I'm going do without her," said Annette Luckey, Danyelle's mother.

Annette and Derrick Luckey are heartbroken.

Their daughter enlisted in the Navy just five months ago. She passed boot camp with no problems.

She was on her first deployment aboard the USS Ronald Reagan.

"My baby left here she was standing tall, she was healthy. My baby come back in a casket," said Derrick.

Danyelle's body returned to the Bay Area on Thursday. While naval officers saluted Luckey, who is considered a veteran, her family stood in silence.

"It really hurts and really sad to know I'm never going to see her again, it hurts a lot," said Chris ustin, a cousin.

Autopsy results won't be in for another two months. The Pittsburg native planned to one day return home and become a social worker to help troubled teenaged girls.

Danyelle's funeral will take place on Wednesday morning .She will be buried with full military honors.
Luckey enlisted in May and was on her first duty assignment. Her commanding officer says her loss has been a tragic shock to her shipmates.

Luckey's body is now back in Pittsburg where her family is making funeral arrangements. null
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