Residents not surprised Ladera named most educated town in California

SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- What's the most educated town in California? Well, according to the US Census Bureau, it's the tiny town of Ladera on the Peninsula.

Ladera is nestled in the rolling hills of Portola Valley. It has a shopping mall, a rec center with a pool-- a library of sorts. A lot of people here have no idea they live in the smartest town in California. Other's say they aren't surprised and that a lot of educated people live in the small community.

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Just how smart are Laderans? Well, the US Census Bureau says 93 percent of residents have at least a Bachelor's degree.

Some other facts about Ladera:
  • 1,514 people live here in 520 homes.

  • Median property value-$2-million dollars.

  • Median age of residents 43-years-old.

  • Median household income 250,000.

  • All are homeowners.

  • The poverty rate-- only one percent.

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"Do you feel the intelligence in the air when you live here," we asked Brook Kvingedal, a Ladera resident.

"Oh yeah, definitely," she answered.
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