San Francisco family's lost teddy bears get luxury stay at hotel in Hawaii

KAUAI, H.I. -- Sutro the teddy bear and its furry companion Kauai were accidentally left behind at the five-star Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort in Hawaii during a family vacation.

The San Francisco family that owns the toys emailed the hotel to see if they could be found.

To the staffer's amazement, they were found cuddled up in a fold-away bed.

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As it turns out, the hotel's housekeeping director, who is the father of several young kids, wanted to make sure the boy who owned the toys knew they were in good spirits.

So, he sent the family photos of them living it up at the resort.

The pictures show Sutro and Kauai hitting the beach and even getting spa manicures.

The Bay Area family was so grateful that they shared the pictures on social media.

After the pair was finished with their luxury adventure, they were shipped back to their family in San Francisco. What a vacation!
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