Tenderloin home up for sale garners attention for unusual basement

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A Tenderloin home is up for sale and many potential buyers are checking it out because of its peculiar basement.

The property owner built a modern-size Alcatraz with jail cells, bunk beds and a mugshot hallway.

When you think Alcatraz, what do you see?

Some tourist said, "It's scary and I'm claustrophobic."

Others said, "It's kind of like a creepy vibe when you get there."

"The Rock" is one of the most prominent tourist magnets in San Francisco. So much so, that some people don't get enough by just touring it, they want to get the full experience.

"Alcatraz theme Airbnb would be very unique and he can have lots of interest from Japanese tourist and all the other stand out from other Airbnb," said Better Homes and Gardens realtor, Nozomi Ogihara.

The owner is a Japanese businessman who apparently made $10,000 a month two years ago renting his basement. The basement has three Alcatraz theme bedrooms turned into prison cells, with bunk beds and a hallway with infamous Alcatraz criminals.

So, let's compare them:

In the real Alcatraz, you have 5 feet by 9 feet cells. The Tenderloin ones are a bit bigger.

In Alcatraz there was no fresh water, 1 million gallons were imported every week. In the modern-day one, there is fresh water thanks to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

When it comes to security, no guards are included but there's a gate.

There were a total of 14 escape attempts in Alcatraz. In this modern day prison, if you buy the house, you get the key and a bin with several prison uniforms.

The house key comes with a hefty price tag: $1.88 million to be exact.

The Alcatraz modern-day house is for sale and the upstairs is what you expect a three bedroom house to look like with a bonus in the basement.
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