UC Berkeley graduate's diploma typo goes viral on Reddit

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- UC Berkeley can boast of Nobel Peace Prize winners and Olympic medalists, but the folks who print the diplomas might want to hire a spelling bee champ or two.

Cal graduate Alex Harris of Stockton has had quite an adventure with getting his diploma. Harris earned his degree in mass communications from Berkeley in 2003.

The first two diplomas arrived wrinkled and one even came in a soiled envelope.

"The third one they sent back and we took a look at it and said 'hey it looks great, no wrinkles,' put it in the frame and it hung on our wall for several years," Harris said.

Harris' wife discovered the typo while they were moving. The word communications was misspelled with a u where an o should be.

Harris' story went viral after he posted pictures on Reddit. He plans to request a corrected diploma, as long as he can keep his now infamous one.
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