Whale puts on show for 6-year-old in San Francisco Bay

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Whale watching in the bay is the talk of the town. This season, many whales have been spotted swimming near the Golden Gate Bridge, feeding on krill.

For locals and tourists, it's been a treat to see the majestic creatures so close to the San Francisco Bay.

Normally, it takes hours just to get a small glimpse of a humpback whale and, typically, it means traveling near the Golden Gate Bridge.

VIDEO: Whale breaches surface of San Francisco Bay

But on Friday, one East Bay family got an up-close look within half an hour of hopping aboard a tour boat.

You might call the Kahl family first-timers. It's their first time going whale watching. "She has been obsessed with whales and dolphins since she was like 3, right," said Danielle Kahl, mother of 6-year-old Ava.

"I like seeing like wildlife," Ava said.

Seek and you shall find -- that is exactly what Ava experienced.

It was quite the view from the deck of the Kitty Kat boat. A humpback whale appeared within minutes of cruising on the San Francisco Bay.

Whale watching is amazing this season. In fact, it could be another 100 years before these majestic creatures come so close.

But this rare occurrence has also come with some concern, as whales and boaters have repeatedly come in close contact -- sometimes too close.

Just last week, photos captured a boat appearing to hit a whale.

Officials urge watchers to do it the right way. "If you see a whale, slow your boat down. If it's within 100 yards, stop your boat, which I mean by disengaging," San Francisco Whale Tours Captain Joe Nazar said.

Passengers on this trip got more than they expected. The whale kept coming to the surface. "It's amazing to have the opportunity to see them up close," Danielle said.

Maybe young Ava has beginner's luck after two hours of whale watching. And she's already negotiating the next trip.

When asked when they should come back, Ava responded, "Tomorrow."

Hooked on whale watching -- suffice it to say, she's not alone.

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A humpback whale feeds on krill in the San Francisco Bay between Alcatraz and Angel Island on Friday, July 7, 2017.

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