Workers rally for union rights in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Hundreds of workers rallied for union rights in Oakland Monday.

The labor day demonstration in front of McDonald's at 14th and Jackson in Oakland has become an annual rally cry where fast food workers fight for a minimum pay of $15 an hour and representation.

"I need the $15, but I also need the union because with having the union they cannot cut down my days or hours," said one protester. "I will have someone to fight for my rights and the rights of others, of my co-workers," McDonald's employee Tina Sandoval said.

California has approved a $15 an hour minimum wage to gradually be in place by 2023. Union organizers call that a success, but say it is still important to show up each year and be heard.

"$15 in the Bay Area is nothing," Sandoval said.

Some of the protesters were on strike, but other employees did show up for work. So, the McDonald's was open. At one point the protest moved inside, shoving customers aside.

"This is obnoxious what they just did," one man said. He questioned whether McDonald's deserved this. "I kinda sympathize with McDonald's. You know they're using their bathrooms for free. They're lining up, no objection. Homeless stay here. They do a lot of nice things for the community."

McDonald's corporate office was not available to comment Monday due to the holiday.
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