Smoke from Solano County fire drifts into Bay Area

SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- The thick cloud of smoke from the fire burning in Solano County could be seen drifting through parts of the East Bay, including in Contra Costa County. The strong winds made it easy for people to see and smell smoke.

"It was pretty potent. We could even smell it inside the house," said Erik Kuhre of Concord. He captured images of big chunks of ash that fell into his pool.

"It's just crazy to see how much was in there and how thick it was," Kuhre said. The winds were strong enough to topple over the family's patio umbrellas.

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As the brush fire continued to scorch through the afternoon hours, the smoke spread into parts of Alameda County.

The "Fire Weather" red flag was flying high at Station 24 in the Oakland Hills, reflecting the increased fire risk. Fire engines were on standby due to the strong gusts.

"We're getting numerous calls on this drift smoke," said Deputy Chief Nick Luby with the Oakland Fire Department. "We encourage people to still report the smell of smoke. At the same time, the questions we're going to ask is do you actually see a source or smell a fire," cautioned Luby.

During smoky conditions, it's best to stay indoors with windows and doors shut tight. "Don't go out in the air, don't exercise, don't exert yourself," advised Luby.
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