Branscombe Fire in Solano County burns 2 more structures

SOLANO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- A wildfire that scorched thousands of acres in Solano County and sent smoke drifting across the Bay Area burned two more structures Monday.

The Branscombe Fire started at 11 Sunday morning.

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High winds whipped the fire across 4,000 acres in just a few hours. Firefighters confirm one home and a barn burned Sunday, as well as some cars. People were evacuated from the hunting grounds for duck clubs. The fire burned two more structures Monday, including a caretaker facility for a ranch near the Belden Landing boat launch.

"Tim my husband said, 'that darn north wind hope there's no fires,' and it was like the curse that did it. We saw the column of smoke go up and it built and built and built," said Roxane Wellman, resident.

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The fire is 70-percent contained.

Fire watch crews were on scene throughout the night. Strike teams are also available should there be any flare-ups.

No word yet on the cause of the fire.
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