Sonoma County Fair officials add layer of security to calm fears after Gilroy

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- In Santa Rosa, the Sonoma County Fair opens Thursday. If not for what happened in Gilroy, this might be just another year there. Now, it's only prudent that organizers add another layer of worry.

It's all here, except for the people. They will arrive at the Sonoma County Fair, tomorrow, but lined up for tickets, today.

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We asked Tracy Carr how many years she had been coming to the Garlic Festival. "Twenty-five. Maybe more."

We asked her if she was worried about security. She responded, "I wasn't in the beginning."

But then is not now, as yet another definition for 'the new normal' kicked in, with gun violence at the Gilroy Garlic Festival serving as our latest local example.

"We spent four hours last night inspecting the fence line, the barbed wire, concertina wire too," Said Joe Ganino.

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Ganino is the man you're not likely to see, but when the Sonoma County Fair opens Thursday his handiwork and precautions will be everywhere in its 200 acres. From people checking 2.6 miles of fencing, to inspecting every truck and every load, to the cameras and metal detectors at every entrance, the happy facade belies a serious security effort.

"Well we try to create a spider web. Hope it is enough to stop every threat.

The fair will spend $150,000 on security in 11 days. That includes a contract with the Santa Rosa police, which is now standard in this new normal.

"You know, it's becoming a pattern in society and that is why safety plans are put in place and measures taken," said Santa Rosa Police Sgt. Heather Gloeckner.

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It's the world around us. A symptom of the times even in this, the most innocent and traditional of venues.

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