BART recognizes Good Samaritan who rushed to stabbing victim's side

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- The BART Board of Directors recognized a woman today who tried to help a stabbing victim last month on a BART train.

Sophia Vivian Humphrey said she felt sheepish being recognized and that helping someone should not be considered extraordinary.

"More people should have that mindset to help others so it wouldn't be amazing so that people naturally help people," she said after the ceremony.

But the BART board considers it amazing and called her a superhero Wednesday for what she did on the BART train last month.

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"While other passengers sadly fled the train to avoid the incident, she stayed so that she could contact the police and help tell the story of what happened," said BART Board President Bevan Dufty.

Sophia saw a man stab Tyrone Hodges Williams. Sophia, who is in a wheelchair, says she knew she needed to stop the bleeding. She also talked with him to keep him alert.

"She lifted herself from her chair and wiggled over to the stab victim," said Dufty during the presentation.

Sophia wanted to make sure during her moment of recognition that her fellow passengers were not cast in a bad light.

"A lot of the people who fled while the stabbing was going on- that was the wisest decision for them. You do have to keep your own safety in mind," she said.

Ironically, Tyrone Williams was trying to help. She says he was trying to stop a homeless man from stealing the shoes off of a sleeping passenger. The two then got into a physical fight and a knife was pulled. His intervention cost him his life. But Sophia hopes that won't discourage others.

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"It's unfortunate and tragic and crazy that he ended up dying because of it but don't be afraid to help. The majority of the time it won't end in something so tragic," she said.

Sophia says she has met the victim's family and they now consider her part of the family. The 22-year-old Good Samaritan hopes to one day become a nurse.

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