Hey Larry, Call My Play! Mama Lita is queen of the track at Kezar Stadium

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- In this edition of "Hey Larry, Call My Play!" Mama Lita smokes the competition, (her kids and grand kids).

The stage for the epic Mother's Day race is set at San Francisco's Kezar Stadium.

Mama Lita's already crushing it with her uniform - A 49ers hoodie.

Fantastic choice, Mama Lita.

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Everyone takes their stance... And it's off to the races!

No one can keep up with Mama Lita.

She blazes through the finish line to victory and it's not even close... Mama Lita is the winner!

Instead of a gold trophy, she's awarded a beautiful bouquet of white flowers.

Whatever vitamins she's taking, we want some of those!

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Aloha is goodbye!

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