Warriors run it back, and Meatball Paul returns! | With Authority

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It feels like 2015 all over again for the Warriors. That's good, right?

Does the Dubs success minus Kevin Durant make KD want to stay? -- or convince him the Warriors don't need him.

It's the return of Meatball Paul! As we revisit Larry and Casey's stomach-churning wager with the Giants and A's, both now residing in last place.

It would be better than the NCAA Tournament and NBA All-Star Weekend. We'll tell you about the battle every NBA fan would love to watch.

Speaking of battles... Our official Iron Throne predictions - including one Las Vegas longshot -- and would you name your next child Arya, Khaleesi or Ramsey? You're not going to believe how many people have actually done this.

"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 9 - Recorded May 15, 2019

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