Boogie's got jokes, comedy with DeMarcus Cousins | With Authority

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Raise your hand if you had Boogie Cousins as our first 'With Authority' guest!

We spend 15 minutes with the 4x All-Star and 2x Olympic Gold Medalist - even though we were only supposed to spend 10. He likes us, he really likes us.

According to the Dubs Dynasty Doomsday clock *patent pending* the Warriors are doing better than most people.

The NFL Free Agency Frenzy is in full swing. Why the Oakland Raiders have gone from down and out to the biggest winners of the NFL offseason thus far. And did Antonio Brown rope-a-dope the Steelers?

Have you heard the expression there's no such thing as a bad question? Well, there are such things as bad questions in sports reporting. Find out which sports figures got mad at Larry and Casey in the past.

Plus: If you could turn back the clock to any sports era, where would you go? And how far would you go for a jaguar selfie?

"With Authority" is a weekly potpourri of Bay Area Sports and other things in a mixed bag of weirdness, by Larry Beil, Casey Pratt, and the ABC7 Sports team.

"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 1 - Recorded Mar. 15, 2019

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