College football today: Week 9 updates, highlights, biggest moments and more

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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Halloween weekend and Week 9 in college football. What does that mean? Well, it means loads of trick plays and treats everywhere we look. Michigan State rallied to beat Michigan and retained the Paul Bunyan trophy, and Ohio State and Penn State traded blows before the Buckeyes prevailed.

Unbeaten Georgia and Oklahoma both made statements while No. 9 Iowa and No. 10 Ole Miss both lost.

Perhaps the best treats came out of Houston, where the Cougars handed SMU its first loss with a 100-yard kickoff return for the game-winning touchdown with 17 seconds left. The Mustangs had scored on their own 100-yard kickoff return to open the second half.

Alas, there were no more candy hot takes, like Mike Leach's total disdain for candy corn.

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Touchdowns of the day

Lawrance Toafilijust kept things moving along for this TD.

Best to get out ofChristian Sims' way unless you want to take a nasty hit.

Officially, 100 yards. In reality, it was 105.

Rumblin', bumblin' ... you can just hear Chris Berman's voice in your head, right?

Sparty party!

You seriously can't leaveKenneth Walker IIIwith any room. He ended up finishing with five touchdowns, and yeah, he is something special to watch.

Michigan State improved to 8-0 on the season with the 37-33 win over Michigan, and this interception sealed the deal.

So after the game, the Spartans rightfully celebrated and called people out.

And most importantly, MSU got to keep the Paul Bunyan trophy.

For more on Walker's performance, check this out.

Piling on?

It appears Ohio State's band was prepared for Michigan's loss. How else to explain the perfection when the band took the field at halftime of Saturday night's game against Penn State?

Ejections in K-State-TCU

Things got heated between TCU and K-State, and three players, one on TCU and two on K-State, were ejected.

Irish scramble

Jack Coan: dual-threat quarterback? The Wisconsin transfer hadn't logged a run longer than 20 yards since 2019, but he scrambled 21 yards for a touchdown in the Irish's game against North Carolina.


Look who's joined the party.

A gourd-geous display from San Jose State.

Virginia receivers coach Marques Hagans and family win Halloween.

Please. Do not give Mike Leach any candy corn, ever.

In case you wanted to know what treats to hand out in the ACC, well, here you go.

And it's all treats for Nick Saban for his birthday.

Scene in the stands

The Shoe is rocking scarlet red for OSU-Penn State.

There are plenty of fans in costumes today, and they're all amazing. And you can never go wrong with a classic.

Honestly, this pairing makes sense.

Proceed with caution in the Baylor stands today.

It's all fun and games

It might not have looked like pure chaos on the field, but the line said otherwise.

We love a good reference to "Succession."

Don't mess with Wisconsin?

Tulane, keep doing your thing and bringing out the beads.

And while we're talking about Tulane, we love to see offensive linemen completely get after it.

Well, this just happened in the MAC with the Bowling Green coaching being ejected.

Who's weighing in?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers isn't too pleased with how Cal is honoring Jeff Tedford.

GameDay antics

Very important video here.

And on the topic of treats, who wouldn't want to be in the crowd when cake is being thrown out?

We'd really like to be best friends with Ken Jeong.

For all the best signs at GameDay, check this out.

Mascot check-in

Someone tell us more about the Pirate. We need to know everything possible.

Poking some healthy fun at each other before Penn State-Ohio State.

Best threads

The orange sure does pop.

Michigan State is going all green against Michigan.

For more on the best uniforms, check this out.

Penn State has some cool new kicks courtesy of the one and only Saquon Barkley.

More must-see

Tank Bigsby can get up real high!

Arch Manning is continuing his visits, and he's at Clemson this weekend.

Sneaky, sneaky.

Can't give Caleb Williams this much time to find an open receiver.

Williams is in good company with these two former Oklahoma QBs.

Now, this is real sly.

Any time your name gets mentioned in the same sentence as Dan Marino, it's surely a good thing.

A trick play during Halloween weekend! It's everything we wanted and more.

This is what it means to go all in.

Now, THIS is a catch!

This 93-yard score from Michigan is a thing of beauty.

Honestly, it must be hard to stop when you've got that much momentum behind you.

How about a few more star-eye emojis? Because Malik Willis deserves them all.

This is the best use of a megaphone we have seen.

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