Draymond Green says he doesn't regret taking swipe at Cleveland fans' intelligence

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green stood by his previous remarks in which he stated that Cleveland Cavaliersfans "don't seem to be the sharpest people around."

On Sunday after practice, he was asked why he resorted to bashing the Cavs faithful.

"I didn't bash them," Green said. "I just gave my thoughts."

Green has been heckled at the Cavs' Quicken Loans Arena throughout Games 3 and 4. There were constant chants of "Draymond sucks" whenever he was whistled for a personal foul.

In the middle of the third quarter in Game 4, when it appeared Green had collected his second technical of the game, which means an automatic ejection, Ray Charles' signature song, "Hit the Road Jack," began playing in the arena.

However, it turned out that it was Green's first technical. A technical that was believed to have been called on Green in the first quarter was actually assessed to Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

That's what prompted Green to criticize the intellect of the fans, and he held firm to his belief on Monday.

"Well, they booed me, and they thought that I had a tech that I didn't have, so that wasn't sharp," Green said.

A reporter tried to explain why the fans were confused about the technical mix-up.

"I knew I didn't [have a tech] so maybe I'm just a littler sharper than others then, huh?" Green replied. "I don't know. But they played 'Hit the road Jack' and I didn't have to hit the road, so I didn't think that was that sharp."

The reporter responded that he was looking at the box score, that had Green registered for two technical fouls.

"I was looking at reality," Green quickly replied. "And I know I wasn't ejected."

Green is unapologetic for speaking his mind, even if it means multiple of days of the media circuit discussing his comments. He said he's well-aware of what he's saying and refutes the notion that he's a loose cannon.

"When I say something, I've thought about what I'm going to say before I say it," Green said. "No, I never look at something and say, 'Man, I shouldn't have said that,' because I'm a lot smarter than people think."

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Draymond says he didn't bash Cavs fans
Draymond says he didn't bash Cavs fans
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