Draymond Green says he wouldn't play for Texans owner Bob McNair

OAKLAND, Calif. -- Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green took exception with Houston Texans owner Bob McNair describing NFL players as "inmates" in a deep dive ESPN story on the effects of the anthem protests.

McNair was quoted saying, "we can't have the inmates running the prison."

Green didn't hold back after morning shootaround Friday.

"I wouldn't personally play for someone who views me as an inmate, because I haven't done anything in my life to be an inmate," Green said. "So, in order to be an inmate, you're either in a hospital or you're in prison. Well, I'm not in the hospital and I'm for damn sure not in prison."

The reigning Defensive Player of the Year was asked what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should do in this situation.

"Will he react to it is the question?" he responded.

Green initially voiced his displeasure with McNair's comment on his Instagram account:

He said he saw some fans on his account trying to defend the NFL owner.

"Some people commented on my post and said it's figure of speech. I mean, agree or disagree, figure of speeches aren't OK in 2017," Green said. "If I come out and give a figure of speech that's not socially OK, I'm going to get fined. I'm going to get ridiculed. If I come out and give a figure of speech on anything, whether that's race, whether that's sexual orientation, whatever that is. If I come out and give a figure of speech in 2017, I'm going to get ridiculed by any group that's formed to protect one's group. I'm going to get fined by the NBA. I'm going to be looked at ridiculously by the community. So why is that OK? I don't agree with that."

The tension between the NFL owner and players continues to run deep as they try to find common ground on the best way to advocate for social injustice. Most of the owners are pushing for players to stand for the national anthem, while some players, predominantly African Americans, are of the belief that the flag has not lived up to the principles of all people.

The Warriors are one of the more outspoken teams in any professional league. This was one more occasion where their voice would be heard. "If you're an inmate, you're not playing," Green said. "They pay taxes just like he pays taxes. And if I've learned a little bit about business, maybe more. So, it's a strong word to use about someone else's kids again. It's crazy."

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Green 'wouldn't play for someone who viewed me as an inmate'
Green 'wouldn't play for someone who viewed me as an inmate'
The Warriors' Draymond Green says Houston Texans owner Bob McNair's excuse that he was using a figure of speech when referring to NFL players as inmates is unacceptable.
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