Dub Nation shows out in Warriors big win over Clippers

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Fans from all ages enjoyed the Warrior's first playoff game of their last season at Oracle arena.

Mai Baltazar is 8-months pregnant and showed up to cheer on the Dubs.

"So you can give birth today. Yes, at the game. The lady told me I should be careful going down the stairs. He just gave us a big kick" said Baltazar.

14- year-old Nayah Damasen traveled from Southern California to sing the national Anthem for her team. "It's just something about the play-off that give you such a good vibe and especially all the fans," said Damasen.

Other fans brought out the big guns and dressed the part. "It's just a lucky jacket. My daughter got this for me 5 years ago and I started wearing it for games. They won every game I wore it, so I have to keep wearing it," said Larry Popelka.

Season ticket holders Jeff and Pam Nordin remember the tough years when the Warriors were not winning championships. "We used to actually give away our tickets for free to friends and say "here you go two tickets and they would say, why?! I would tell them. It's our hometown team, what do you mean why?! No we say no. You can't have them," said Jeff Nordin.

Tony Bell says he's been a Warriors fan for decades so he makes his own rules.

"I don't wear another men name on my back or my own. Why is that? Because I'm the man. Another reason is because some of these guys leave and I'm always going to be a warriors fan so I'm always going to wear a Warriors jersey with my name on it," said Bell.

What many Warrior fans want to see is a "three-peat", also known as three consecutive championship wins.

"We need 5 rings for our hand. We got 2015, 17, 18 hopefully 19 and then I'll be good," said John Mar.

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