East Bay pools closes door to kids swim club over funding

SAN RAMON, Calif. (KGO) -- The waters of the San Ramon Golf Course pool are still closed this weekend as dozens of kids would be gearing up for the first day of their swim club season.

"First practice day, it's a very exciting day for us," said Abbey Kunz , as Aqua Bear club member.

Bt signs have been posted and a letter from the property manager warning the pool is closed because it's, "no longer financially viable".

The co- president of the swim club says it's like the carpet has been pulled out from under them.

"My friend thought someone had died. And I said I think the aqua bears have just died," said Sarah Eddings, the swim club co-president.

Eddings says she got word through an email from the property manager at 4:30 p.m. on Friday.

Parents are especially frustrated because they had been reassured after a new owner took over in January that they could still use the pool this season.

"They had plenty of opportunity to tell us that they were going to shut the pool down, which would have given us an opportunity to find another location. At this point, all the pools are filled up," said Sonny Marcozzi, a parent.

Many of the kids are shocked.

"This team is what brought all my friends here together and it's like part of me. And when that gets taken away, it's like a bunch of me gets taken away, too," said Autumn Carroll, a swimmer.

Many of these kids have known each other for years. The 200 swimmers range from 8 to 18-years-old.

The golf course director didn't not respond to ABC7 News' request for comment.

Eddings says they'll be meeting with him Monday.
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