Fan fatigue for Warriors-Cavaliers series?

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- History will be made Thursday when the Warriors and the Cavaliers become the first two teams to meet four times in a row to play for a professional sports championship.

At Sports Basement in Campbell, employees began their day stocking the racks with merchandise, including the much sought-after 2018 NBA Finals black hat.

"Whether it's the Cavs or the Warriors, you know, consistency is consistency, they're always the best," said San Jose resident Travis Odekirk.

SCHEDULE: Warriors vs. Cavaliers in 4th straight NBA Finals

As the best team of the era, the Warriors, prepare to take on the best player of this generation, LeBron James, many would typically hail it as an exceptional match-up. But instead, it's brought mixed reaction.

"We don't need to see LeBron, after four years," said Redwood City resident Sandra Jirous." This is enough. Get someone else in there."

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Some say the NBA should do something to prevent super teams, such as the Warriors, from dominating the game by boosting the league's luxury and/or repeater taxes, which would make high-priced teams even more costly to maintain. However, sports consultant Andy Dolich, says that's unlikely to happen.

"Leagues have enough challenges (and) worrying about super teams shouldn't be one of them," said Dolich.

Periods of dominance aren't anything new in the NBA. Michael Jordan and his string of six finals appearances within an eight-year time span comes to mind. Magic Johnson shot to stardom in the 1980's, and who can forget Shaq and Kobe teaming up for the Lakers' three-peat? That type of excitement is especially good as the NBA seeks to build its international audience.

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"People say it's going to be a sweep, four or five games, (and) that's why they play the games," says Dolich. "It's going to be great. To me, it never gets old."

For now, Warriors fans are doing whatever they can to enjoy the journey.

"I cannot wait for them to build a dynasty," said San Jose resident and sports memorabilia seller Tito Hernandez. "I think it would be awesome."

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