Golden State Warriors win prompts global social media reaction

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- There were so many amazing moments that imprinted heavily on social media, from Kevin Durant's MVP award to Coach Steve Kerr joking that this team had very little talent, mostly just good coaching.

But the number one most talked about moment of Game 5 was the final seconds of the game when the Dubs clinched the title!

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But social media was buzzing throughout the game with people talking about Warrior's win around the world.

Over 38 million people on Facebook interacted 209 million times during the NBA Finals this year.

The top five countries talking about the series were the United States in first place, followed by the Philippines, then Brazil, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

And despite Kevin Durant being named the MVP and the palpable excitement for his first championship title, he was not the most talked about player last night on Facebook. It was LeBron James, followed by Steph Curry. Durant was third.

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