Harvard University disqualified from Heroes of the Dorm

ByTyler "Fionn" Erzberger ESPN logo
Friday, March 25, 2016

Harvard University's Team Ambush was disqualified from the Heroes of the Dorm competition on Thursday because it violated several of the tournament's rules. An investigation by Tespa and Blizzard Entertainment determined that a player on Team Ambush was sharing his Battle.net account during the tournament matches with a higher-ranked player who wasn't on the team's submitted roster.

"We have zero tolerance for cheating in our tournaments," Blizzard Entertainment said in its post about the official ruling. "The rules are in place to ensure a fair playing field for all participants -- when these rules are abused, they put the integrity of the competition at risk. The students found to be sharing their Battle.net accounts and the players with whom they were sharing will be banned indefinitely from participation in any future Tespa tournaments."

Blizzard will also discipline the Battle.net accounts involved.

This is the second incident of illegal account sharing in Heroes of the Dorm, as Michigan's Team Hot Boys were also disqualified for a similar reason.

Tournament admins will be working with squads from UC Berkeley, last year's Dorm champions, and Indiana-Purdue to set up a match for the now-empty Super Sixteen spot left vacant following the punishment.

The rest of the Super Sixteen matchups will kick off Saturday, with key matchups including Arizona State vs. Penn and Ohio State vs. UConn.

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