Larry Beil discusses Ray Rice elevator video, suspension

An NFL star accused of assaulting his wife has been suspended indefinitely from the league after new video of the attack surfaced.

It shows Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking out his future wife. The NFL claims it never saw the video before Monday.

Everybody is wondering what the NFL knew and when did they actually know it.

Did NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wake up Monday morning and see the new Ray Rice video for the first time like the rest of us?

The claim from the NFL and the Ravens is that they had not seen the interior elevator video until it appeared on TMZ Monday morning.

It begs the question -- how could Goodell levy a two-game suspension on Rice without finding out what actually happened inside the elevator?

And how could a $9 billion a year business, complete with its own security team and vast political and law enforcement connections, not gain access to a video that ends up on TMZ?

The Ravens terminated Rice's 5-year, $35 million contract. But he had already been paid $22 million of that in bonuses.

Rice has been suspended indefinitely and it remains to be seen what he would need to do to return to the NFL.
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