Man at center of UC Berkeley School of Law harassment lawsuit writes letter

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- The man at the center of a Berkeley Law School sexual harassment lawsuit is now defending himself. He wrote an op-ed for the Daily Cal about why he should be back on campus.

Protesters are calling Sujit Choudhry a sexual predator; he says he isn't and that he meant nothing by his gestures toward his assistant. She says he made unwanted advances toward her and is suing the university. The former law school dean resigned, but now, six months later, he is back, not in the classroom but working in his office.

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In his essay for the Daily Cal newspaper, he writes: "Let's be clear: Sexual violence of all forms is horrendous and never, ever acceptable. I share and agree with your instinctive reaction to protect and support victims of sexual predation everywhere. Let's also be clear on this: I acted with no sexual intent toward Ms. Sorrell. I am not a predator and have never been accused of being one until now."

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He points out the university's first investigation into the allegations found he was unconscious of his actions toward his assistant. Now, he says because of the lawsuit- the university has launched a second investigation, he calls it a do-over and says public reaction has been tough on him and his family. He says he has a right to work.
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