NFL fans join Raider Nation to help keep team in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- NFL fans joined Raider Nation in Oakland Sunday two weeks before the owners meet and decide whether the Raiders will move to Las Vegas.
The owners meet on March 26 and most of them must agree to relocate the team to Sin City.

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It's not just fans in Oakland who want to keep that from happening -- fans from other teams are helping out.

There was a remarkable effort among fans who are strategizing to put pressure on NFL team owners.

You could say, it's the fourth quarter and the clock is running down as these die-hard fans try to make a last ditch play to score and keep the team in the Bay Area. "Keep up the fight, keep up the fight," hall of famer Ronnie Lott said.

Lott was at an Oakland airport hotel to rally fans from 32 different NFL teams. "The Raider fan base is so well respected by all the other fan bases, that people are willing to travel 3,000 miles here to come and stand with us," Oakland Coliseum Action Committee Chair ray Bobbitt said.

They came from Miami and New York. "Football is family and family is everything. Family should be where the home is and this is Oakland's home, this is the Raiders' home, so they shouldn't go anywhere," New York Giants fan Krystel Guerrero said.

"I won't go to see the Raiders anywhere else, I will only come here to see them," one man said.

No one has ever heard of other team fan bases coming to support another fan base like this. And the heat is on. "Sixteen days until the owners convene in Arizona in regards to potentially voting on a relocation move," Oakland chair John Lupo said.
These diverse fans intend to pressure their team's owners to vote against the Raiders moving to Las Vegas.

If they can get nine dissenters among the 32 owners, the Raiders wouldn't be able to relocate.

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