Oakland ready for Warriors Parade, will be more 'interactive' celebration

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- In a matter of hours, Warriors Fans will be staking their spots along the parade route in Oakland. The celebration for the NBA Champs kicks off at 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Crews are getting ready for the big parade, setting up barricades and fences throughout downtown Oakland. Many Warriors fans know exactly where to position themselves.

"It's always good to get where they're turning because they spend a little bit more time going around. You get multiple angles. I've been here every year," said Karen Cox-Spears, a Warriors fan from Oakland.

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But this year will be different. There'll be no rally at the end of the parade route. Instead, the emphasis will be on the parade itself which is being billed as more interactive. Players, who'll be given megaphones, will have a chance to engage with fans. Julie Lowe and Amy Fowler are hoping their colorful outfits will get them noticed.

"We need to meet Iguodala, Curry, Durant, Draymond, Klay. Somebody, bring us on your float. We want to be on your float tomorrow," said Lowe.

Many fans who planned ahead have checked in at the Marriott, located at the start of the parade route. The Garcias of San Jose knew what they needed to do to secure a room. As they've done in years past, they booked a block of days a few weeks out, then canceled the nights they didn't need accordingly.

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"It'll never get old, never. As long as they keep winning we'll be here. That's all that matters," the couple said.

Also at the Marriott, a new mural. Artist "Vogue" has been busy the past couple days making sure it'll be ready in time for the parade. He wanted to include five of the best known Warriors, but due to time constraints settled on just Durant, after all he is the back to back NBA Finals MVP.

"Green is actually my favorite player so there's all these things. What should I do? So I just had to come up with something," said Vogue.

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