Prosecutor: Man attacked at 49ers game in critical condition, has partial paralysis

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- Prosecutors say a bathroom brawl at the new Levi's Stadium during Sunday's San Francisco 49ers game has left one of the victims partially paralyzed. Two brothers accused in the attack made their first court appearance on Wednesday afternoon. They were charged with felony assault with intent to commit great bodily harm.

About 50 people were in the restroom at the time of the brutal attack. Just a warning to our viewers, the video shown above is extremely graphic.

"This was a brazen attack," said Santa Clara Deputy District Attorney Deborah Hernandez. "It was unprovoked, it was vicious."

Cellphone video shows one of the attackers punching the first victim, who tried to defend himself as he was about to go down. He was hit again, but this time he fell hard on his back as his assailant fell forward from the swing of his punch. The second attacker punched and dragged the other victim away from the stalls and hit him again. He stepped back as the other assailant reappeared on the video. He hit him at close range repeatedly. As the assailants began to leave, the video panned over to victim one, who was lying on his back, convulsing, and looking disoriented.

The two suspects, who were arrested later at the stadium, appeared in court Wednesday afternoon. They are Amador Robellero and his brother Dario. Both stood expressionless.

Witnesses say the victims, who are cousins, were in the bathroom line with the Robelleros. They say the victim who was seriously hurt nudged the shoulder of Amador, telling him there was an open urinal. One witness says he then yelled that he didn't like getting pushed. And then, without warning, began throwing punches at him.

The second victim was attacked by both men when he came to the aid of his cousin.

"This was caused by a mere tapping of the shoulder to let the defendant, Amador Robellero, know that there was a vacant stall," Hernandez said. "These are two individuals just standing at the bathroom waiting their turn, trying to make the line move."

Hernandez says the victim who's in critical condition suffered bleeding to the brain.

"He's had to have partial skull removal to relieve some of that pressure," she said. "And he is currently suffering from some paralysis."

The other victim was treated for head wounds and released.

Amador's bail was set at $350,000and Dario's at $75,000.

A plea hearing was set for later this month.
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