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SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Flashback: We caught a glimpse of the pre-Kevin Durant Warriors - and it wasn't so bad.

The A's are in Japan to open the regular season - yay? But as a result, they've made the first games of the 2019 season virtually unwatchable.

If Mike Trout walked down Market Street would anyone recognize him? Why MLB has a major marketing problem.

Larry tells a story about getting stuck in a post-NBA All-Star Game mass of humanity. Why they had to get down to go up.

And would you rather live next door to the Flintstones or Naked Mannequins?

"With Authority" is a weekly potpourri of Bay Area Sports and other things in a mixed bag of weirdness, by Larry Beil, Casey Pratt, and the ABC7 Sports team.

"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 4 - Recorded March 19, 2019

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