Sportswriter Rick Reilly's new book 'Commander in Cheat' takes on President Trump's golf skills

SAN FRANCISCO. (KGO) -- Sportswriter Rick Reilly made his name writing about sports, but his newest book "Commander In Cheat" takes on another topic: President Trump's character as revealed through his golf-playing and interactions with the golf community.

"I've always said golf is like bicycle shorts: it reveals a lot about a man," Reilly told ABC7 News. "It is the easiest sport to cheat at. So if you cheat at it, it says more about you than anything."

Reilly, who was voted 'Sportswriter of the year' 11 times, made his name writing 'The Back Page' column for Sports Illustrated before joining ESPN in 2008. He's retired from sport writing but still tackles projects like "Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump."

"I don't know about politics. I'm sports writer. But I know about golf and this guy is lying," said Reilly. ":He says he's won 20 club championships. He plays by himself and calls that the club championship."

"This isn't a political book. It's not about immigration or abortion. It's just about golf."

Reilly will be talking about his book at San Francisco's Commonwealth Cub on Wednesday June 12th, 2019.
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