San Francisco psychics shed light on Super Bowl 50 players

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Trying to decide who has the edge going into Super Bowl 50? You could pull out the sports section or flip over to ESPN, but if it really comes down to fate, maybe you need someone with expert in that area.

San Francisco psychic Storm Arcana doesn't follow football, but he has a power for seeing what's in the cards. So we asked him for a tarot card reading on quarterbacks Cam Newton and Peyton Manning, based partially on their birth dates. The first flip for Cam Newton was the apocalypse card. "Lots of power in this card. Like a cannon ball," Storm said.

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For Peyton, it's the sage and shifty joker. "This is someone who's really quick on their feet. Someone who makes decisions like really fast," Storm said.

And as a richer picture unfolded, a few more flips revealed some possible keys for success, starting with the cannon ball, Cam. "Slow and steady might be, not Cam's way of being, his M.O., but he might want to like think about how to harness it, yeah. Whereas Peyton, he's got to really prepare himself for a kind of swerve I guess, he has to be adaptable to change no matter what," Storm said.

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So maybe not all of us will be putting our Super Bowl 50 stock in the cards or a crystal ball, but what about in the stars? "What I noticed about both charts to begin with, they are leaders, they're powerful men," said Mara of Astrology by Mara in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. She found strengths in the stars for both players. No prediction on the winner, but when she analyzed the celestial aura around the game date itself, she found potential for a wild ride. "It's going to start slow, then most of the action is going to be in the second and third quarters," she said.

Finally, ABC7 News turned to sports astrologer Andrea Mallis. She not only ran Cam Newton and Peyton Manning's charts, but the head coaches of both teams as well and was willing to go a bit further out on the astrological limb. "I would say the edge seems to go to Cam Newton. Yeah, for the Panthers," she said.

But before you hop on a plane to Las Vegas, experts said their readings have far more to do with the conflicting forces that influence our lives than the final point spread.

Written and produced by Tim Didion.

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